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Padovanok augalą, o mes juo rūpinsimės!

It's a shelter for plants. First in Lithuania. Perhaps it is also the first in the world too.

More broadly, it is a symbol of the friendship between nature and man. Today, when two sides are struggling - the strength for nature and the force against nature, it is important not to forget what life is even closer to us. These are indoor plants. Paradox, while someone is quietly cutting trees around the world, someone is picking up loud about it. And this is a continuous process. But why don't we learn to fight global ecological problems using our creativity?

Creativity is the best tool to turn your ideas towards materialization.


Therefore, the vision of Aistė, the founder of the LITTLE WINDOW OF LIFE, is very simple and clear - to build a shelter for abandoned plants that teaches ecology, treating people through herbal therapies, and allowing everyone to spend their leisure time looking at plants and reading their inspiring stories.

The goal is to encourage people not to love nature by words but by heart.

The plant shelter currently has a tired, almost dehydrated flower from a well known restaurant. But I don't throw it away. I explain the reason - there are lots of nests, plastic teaspoons, cellophane paper, disposable sugar bags in its land. Knowing this, it is clear why the plant ceases to exist. So, the plant becomes a language that tries to talk to explain why children are needed and, of course, to encourage adults to start loving the home plant first. To respect him.

Perhaps the respect for nature will work when it comes to respecting the person itself.

I invite you to join in doing good works.


  • The plant shelter LITTLE WINDOW OF LIFE started operating in the summer of 2018.

  • Currently, there are about 350 different species indoor plants.

  • There are 3 volunteers. One of them - botanist. There is one permanent employee - it's founder Aistė.

  • LITTLE WINDOW OF LIFE is about 36 sq.m.


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